An exercise following Sol Lewitt's prompt for Wall Drawing #305

The location of one hundred random specific points. (The locations are determined by the drafters.)

We interpreted this, by making prompts for ourselves to make these 100 marks, giving us directions on how to make a mark, an action before making a mark, or how to feel while making a mark. We chose them, at random, out of a bowl to help randomize the experience. To make them specific, we included a description about each mark,after making the mark on the wall, as well. 

September 2017

In Collaboration with:

Julianna Barca

Danielle Hernandez

George Bierly 

Our Prompts were:

1. Make a mark without bending your legs

2. Massage the shoulders of another group member as they make this mark

3. Make a point that is really far away

4. Make a very soft point

5. Make this point without being detected

6. Bring the computer with you to make this mark

7. Make a point thinking about someone you don't like

8. Jump as high as you can and make a mark

9. Kiss the point

10. Make a point about your family tree

11. Go outside of the building before making a mark

12. Did you have any imaginary friends as a kid?

13. Get a teacher to make a mark

14. Make a point drawn from your big toe up

15. Make this point in 10 minutes

16. Make a mark based off of where you come from

17. Tear a hole

18. Drink water, spit take at the wall and let the water influence your point

19. Mark the center of the paper

20. Close your eyes for 2 minutes and make a mark

21. Look at another person in the room and make a mark

22. Make a mark to represent your height

23. "Maximum Point"

24. Make a mark about your favorite pair of shoes

25. Make this mark as high on the paper while laying down

26. Crawl to make this mark

27. Make a mark that dominates

28. This mark involves yelling

29. Run across the wall and leave a mark at then end of your run

30. Hide this point

31. Make a mark that represents your family

32. Make a scary point

33. This point can't be made with direct crayon to paper

34. Make this point from sitting on a couch

35. Make a blind mark

36. Go to another room and message one of the others involved, tell them where you want the mark

37. Make a point describing the sun setting

38. Make this point from the other side of the wall

39. A point poem

40. Close your eyes while someone else tells you how to make this mark

41. Go up and down to the ground floor of the building and then make a mark

42. Make a mark to represent the others involved

43. Love this mark until you hate it

44. Smile at this mark

45. A point made with your foot

46. Lay down and make a point

47. Draw your point with someone else's hand

48. Make a partner draw a point where your left hand touches the wall

49. Spin around 10 times and then make a mark

50. Make a very bad mark

51. Make a mark with a foot

52. The crayon should be influenced by the mind

53. A point that makes you cry

54. Make a point with your eyes closed, approaching the wall from a distance

55. This point had a twin point on the wall

56. The description of this mark has to be a lie

57. Make someone not included, look at you make this point

58. A really aggressive point

59. Call someone on the phone while making this point

60. Create a safe sculpture to make this point from

61. "Moon Point"

62. A mark that looks like a blinking eye

63. A good point

64. This point's description should be a haiku, but not obviously

65. A point that doesn't like being drawn

66. Lay on the ground for 3 minutes and then make a mark

67. The whole group has to pretend that you are on a televised event, where they are applauding you, the artist, who is about to create your next big piece

68. Portrait Point

69. This point travels

70. Make a mark to represent what you see

71. MAKE A DAMN DOT (Angrily)

72. Make a mark, the description should be in someone else's hand writing

73. Make a point on a separate paper, then put it on the wall

74. Make this point while laughing

75. Make a mark with your mouth

76. Point to this mark

77. Make a point with a blue print

78. Make a point backwards

79. Yell at the wall where this point is made

80. Make a point in a nice place for your point

81. Your body can't touch the crayon

82. Kiss the wall and make a point there

83. Smell five points, make a point next to the best one as a an award

84. Make a mark with your butt

85. Collaborate for this mark

86. Make a sad point

87. Make a point where the sun sets

88. Make the sound this mark makes

89. Sing a song while making this point

90. Stare at this point for 5 minutes

91. Kick a point

92. Make a mark looking up

93. Jump 12 times before you make this point

94. Do math for this point

95. Make a point driving home

96. Make a point that encompasses at least 5 other points

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